Alaska’s “Fiscal Conservatives?” – Missing in Action: A Facebook Conversation on Alaska’s Capital Budget

The following is from an exchange on Facebook this morning on Alaska’s Capital Budget. It begins with a post from me.  (If interested in participating or following, the Facebook link is

Alaska’s Future| The Capital Budget is so far over the edge, you might not only be able to “see Russia” from it, parts of it actually might be in Russia. Alaska’s “Fiscal Conservatives”? — missing in action; not one — not one — R voted against this disaster (see for the roll call, page to the bottom). Those of us who remain in 2020 (a lot of other Alaskan’s will be gone by then because of the coming economic disaster) should think about it this way — 2011 was the year when the Legislature had the opportunity to create Alaska’s future revenue streams by reinvesting clearly excess taxes in additional oil development (and production). Instead, the Legislature chose to throw it away on one-time, non-future revenue producing, pork barrel at its worst “capital projects.” Those buildings and projects are going to look pretty damned sad when there is no future revenue stream to support them.

House OK’s big capital budget: Legislature | Alaska news at

The Alaska House of Representatives on Friday night approved a capital budget that ranks among the biggest the state has ever seen. It also means that the nearly month-long deadlock of the Legislature’s special session could be about to end.

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  • Val Henning Alaska? Fiscal conservatives? LOL! Riiiight.
    We’re the most socialistic state in the union.
    P.S. You need a “Share button.”

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  • Jason Cline and whats up with our Operating Budget … which i am sure is humongous?

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  • Brad Keithley

    Jason … Here is Doogan’s summary of the two budgets — “And the results? An operating budget that zoomed past $9 billion – almost $7 billion in state spending – and a capital budget that busted the $3 billion mark – about $2 billion in state spending. That’s nearly $13,000 per Alaskan in state spending. You figure to get $13,000 worth of state government in the next year? Be honest now. Do you?” See

    Cissna, Doogan, Gara, Holmes, Kawasaki, Petersen and Tuck voted no on the capital budget. My guess is hell has now officially frozen over. Les Gara is more conservative than Tammy Wilson.

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  • Jason Cline haha, its ridiculous right. and doogan’s report this morning said his tally is closerto 4 billion in capital spending. but lets not forget about these D counterparts in the senate.

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  • Jason Cline and these D’s you are applauding did vote against oil taxation changes

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  • Brad Keithley

    Jason … Don’t get me wrong, I am not applauding Les Gara — when the history of “How Alaska Died,” is written, he, Hollis and Bill will lead off the second chapter. But his vote just points out how ridiculous the legislative R’s have become. It’s like a teenager, a spare dollar burns a hole in their pocket. Gotta spend it somewhere; “invest,” what’s that?? 

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  • Jason Cline i liked doogan’s idea on sacking 2.2 billion into the pfd rather than the cbr. this is a good reason why –

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  • Brad Keithley

    Jason … With all due respect, we shouldn’t be sacking it anywhere. We need to reinvest it in future revenue producing projects. Alaska has the greatest opportunity of anywhere to do that, nearly in the world — its own oil. When we hit 2020, oil production is on the floor and we are starting to tax everything in sight just to keep minimum programs alive, someone is going to ask “what happened?” My response will be, “the 2011 Legislature happened.”

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  • Jason Cline i am all about investments in infrastructure and revenue creators, don’t get me wrong, but i’d rather see it there then spent how we are now.

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  • Jon Corbett It’s both the Ds & Rs… This session was a joke before it even started.

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  • Jon Corbett And to Brad…no way we will see $13000per capita, damn near impossible. But I bet $230000per capita in the legislature helps them ease their conscience.

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