Bill Walker: “I will … put in place a sustainable budget.”

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Click above to read ISER Web Note 14.

Two years ago the University of Alaska – Anchorage Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), the state’s best economic think tank, said this:  “Right now, the state is on a path it can’t sustain. … Reasonable assumptions … suggest we do not have enough cash in reserves to avoid a severe fiscal crunch soon after 2023, and with that fiscal crisis will come an economic crash.”

ISER also offered a solution.  “What can the state do to avoid a major fiscal and economic crisis? The answer is to save more and restrict the rate of spending growth. All revenues above the sustainable spending level of $5.5 … would be channeled into savings.” Continue reading

Guest Column: Care Clift, the Alaska Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor

Publisher’s Note:  This is the second in a continuing series of guest columns by various state-level candidates who are focusing in this election cycle on the issues relevant to this blog — Alaska oil, gas and fiscal policy.  The first was by Alaska Constitution Party candidate for Governor J.R. Myers, and is available here.  The following is from the Alaska Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, Care Clift (website, Facebook).  The reason for publishing these pieces is explained in greater detail in the preamble to the previous piece from J.R. Myers. Continue reading

A Pretty Big Deal (… and an important event)

Alaska’s fiscal dilemma in a nutshell (and an opportunity to learn a lot more about it) ….  To learn more about the event, click here.

Guest column from Daniel Hamm, President, Alaska Republican Assemly

Publisher’s Note:  In a 2010 editorial the Wall St. Journal had this to say looking back at the 2006 loss by Republicans of the U.S. House of Representatives:  “It isn’t easy to spend so much money so egregiously that even Nancy Pelosi could campaign as a relative fiscal conservative, but the Tom DeLay Republicans managed the feat in 2006.”  Daniel Hamm writes below about seeing the same in this year’s Alaska legislative races. Continue reading

Damn market economics …

Please god ...While it has happened occasionally since prices recovered from their 2008 crash lows, Monday was the first time in awhile that ANS oil prices have fallen below $100/barrel. The occasion seemed an appropriate time to check in on where price forecasts are headed generally in the current market environment. Continue reading

The revised candidate questionnaire …

QuestionnaireYesterday morning I received a call from Amanda Coyne asking for a response to concerns she was hearing from incumbent legislators that one of the questions on the questionnaire I had forward to all candidates last week put them in a difficult position.  The reason for and a link to the initial questionnaire is here. Continue reading

Keithley lays out Independent Expenditure effort …

Fiscal CliffMy appreciation to the Alaska Dispatch News (here) and Juneau Empire (here) for running the following op-ed piece. Each used different titles.  The title above is the one I used when I wrote and submitted it.  For background, the release announcing my Independent Expenditure effort is here; the candidate questionnaire I sent out this week is here.


Earlier this month I announced that I intend to spend up to $200,000 this coming fall in certain key legislative races.  The reason I am doing that is simple. Continue reading

The Keithley Survey – Accountability in the State Legislature

APE-Government-Spending-610x406A column from Alaska Politics & Elections …

Earlier this month I announced that I intend to spend up to $200,000 of my own money in an independent expenditure effort this fall directed at 3 – 5 legislative races. A copy of the initial press statement outlining the effort is here. Continue reading

Proposition 1| My closing argument …

A friend this morning asked for closing arguments from a few of his on Proposition 1.  This was mine: Continue reading

Things I feel strongly about …

Keithley Press Release (8.6.2014)Sometimes when you believe in what you say you need to back it up.  This is one of those times for me.

The following is the text of a press release that was distributed earlier today.  A copy of the release is available here or by clicking on the picture to the left. Continue reading